Australian Cattle Dog

We live - my mother, Hannelore Schmidt, and me, Jutta Schmidt - in our
vineyard situated in Gascony, in the Gers exactly, with our animals.
In 1994, during the journey in Australia that I discover, thanks to my sister Anke,
the Australian Cattle Dogs, a fascinating race! Then, in 1996, during a new journey in the USA,
I become an owner of my first dog " Blue Heeler " Emmy, then four-month-old.
The currency of our amateur breeding, it is to raise carefully, and on a small scale, our dogs in the respect for their temperament. All our chienns is tested BEAR, prcd-2PRA, HD and ED.

For a long time, dogs are a part of our life. The loyalty they show is a precious present which gives us to have to it moral treat them respectfully. That is why it is important for us to find for our dogs a home at people who share our values.

If you wish to visit us you will be welcome.
In this case, thank you for contacting us previously
to agree together on a meeting.

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